Showcase Your Instagram Posts with an Attractive Landing Page

Being new to the Instagram community, I’ve been taking all kinds of advice from people who’ve been using the platform effectively. One of the things that I decided to do was create an attractive landing page to house all the links to my Instagram posts. Doing this has allowed me to provide some kind of order to the posts that I publish, and make them more visually easy to follow.

In all honesty, while the page looks super cool (to me anyway), I don’t really see the need for it right now, since Instagram does such a good job of showcasing the images. But just in case I discover how useful this page could be to me in the future, I set it up now, so it will be easier to manage and maintain.

Feel free to take a look at the page that I have hosted on my author website at and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. The link is: http://charmbaker/instagrams.htm and you can leave a COMMENT BELOW.

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