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Longtime writer, and author, Charm Baker was legally born Charmaine Denise Baker. The abbreviated version became her pen name more than two decades ago, at the onset of her writing career.

“I’m definitely a write-or-die chick!”

This former journalism major started out as a contributing writer for several local business publications. Prior to the digital publishing scene, Baker was paid for various forms of writing including: Newsletter writing, brochure writing, creative writing, and business letter composition.


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  • Librarian (LAUSD)
  • Educator / Tutor
  • Preschool Teacher

Charm Baker’s love of writing has always been a part of her, but she credits the desire to get serious about writing to author Ralph Keyes. His book titled The Courage to Write was the turning point in her life. It helped her make the decision to pursue writing as a career. She eventually combined her love of teaching, writing, and books, into a profitable activity. Authoring a number of short ebooks was enough to wet Baker’s appetite for self-publishing. Some of those titles include: 6-Step Book Writing Process, Sell Used Books Online, Twitter Social Media Guide, Several Simple Solutions, and How To Call it Quits and Move On.

Commitment to Writing

Charm Baker’s first taste of writing online began with writing scripts and ad copy for affiliate marketers. She eventually broke into ghost writing, and later blogging, in addition to hiring herself out as a web content and press release writer. Baker’s writing career has managed to outlive many of the earlier websites she wrote. Some of the sites no longer exist, but some still remain and offer writing opportunities to new writers.


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As an online freelance writer, Charm Baker has taken advantage of numerous freelance writing opportunities on job-related sites like:

  • oDesk
  • Fiverr

The sometimes bumpy transition from non-fiction to fiction writing was not without results. Thus far, in addition to her non-fiction titles, Baker has also self-published the Skipping Childhood novel, and the latest novel: Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge . She also wrote and published an Amazon short titled: One Bad Deed,.  

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The Author Branding Club website aims to assist undiscovered authors like Charm Baker and others. This “Wish List” outlines Baker’s current publishing needs.

Consultant for Hire

While Baker is currently seeking to connect with specific publishing professionals for her own purposes, she has also joined the ranks as a service provider. You can see what this new Amazon Self-publishing Consultant has to offer by viewing her listing in the Member Directory.

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