Publishing Industry Professionals Connecting With Undiscovered Authors

Book marketing is a crucial element in the publishing industry. I’m one author who has come to appreciate that good author branding (or lack of it) will directly relate to your book sales. This is true whether you’re a self-published author, or your title(s) have been published through traditional means. A Publisher’s Weekly article on the subject, defined author branding this way: “…brand is a promise; it’s what readers expect from an author. “

Book Marketing Takes Many Forms

One all important thing for new and undiscovered authors to know about book marketing is that it takes many forms. Obviously, actually selling books is a big part of marketing, but it also includes other important activities. Networking, advertising, and self-promotion is all par for the course when you’re a serious author. You have to take action if you don’t want to remain undiscovered.

For my future titles, I’ll be seeking professional help with author branding and book marketing. Branding and book marketing experts can provide valuable insight that authors tend to overlook, like the need to commit to a genre and stay in one lane. But whether you have an agent or publicist representing you or not, you still need to be brand aware. As an author, you must be just as committed to the marketing and branding of your books, as anyone you hire. Unfortunately, many authors (myself included) learn this fact the hard way. We tend to want to do everything ourselves when we’re just starting out. But all your activities and hard work will usually be in vain, unless you already have connections to publishing industry influencers.

Publishing Industry Influencers

Publishing industry service providers are typically professionals with some type of influence. New and undiscovered authors are always looking to connect with expert service providers who can help with their writing careers. Now authors and providers can get together right here and make it happen. I’m even looking for a variety of service providers for my own current work-in-progress. Just notice my author’s “WISH LIST“.  I hope to make some useful connections that can help me do a better job of defining and establishing my author brand.

Do you fall into one of the service provider categories listed below? This is just a small list of publishing industry related services that aspiring and undiscovered authors need. If you provide any of these quality services, you’re invited to join the Author Branding Club so your business can be included in the Member directory being created.

  • Agents
  • Editors
  • Publishers
  • Publicists
  • Graphic Artists
  • Proofreaders
  • Beta Readers
  • Book Reviewers
  • OTHER Related Service Providers

This is a great place for publishing industry professionals to help more authors with book marketing and other ways to develop their brand.


Author Branding Strategies

Author branding should mean more to you than just a marketing term when you are a new or undiscovered author. If you’re trying to step things up in the publishing industry, you have to learn how to stand out from the crowd so you can be noticed. That means being prepared to try different activities, to help promote yourself (your brand). 

This club is for you, whether you’re a newbie, or you’ve been around for awhile and you’re just frustrated.  As the list grows, you should be able to find useful resources related to the self-publishing industry. I plan to respond to any Questions and Comments posted, and offer helpful tips, specifically about Amazon. I’ve learned a whole lot about publishing with them over the years, including topics like:

  • Using Amazon Publishing Tools
  • Book Meta Data
  • KDP Pre-orders
  • KDP Select
  • Amazon Author Pages

But even if you plan to use traditional publishing, JOIN the Author Branding Club today. The right Editor, Agent, or Publisher could be looking for you right now.


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