Proofreaders Wanted

#4 Item on Charm Baker’s “Wish List” – My current work-in-progress will be finished by summer 2019, so in addition to reliable Beta Readers, I also looking to connect with an experienced Proofreader.

Ideally, I’d like to find someone I can employ and use for this project, and any other upcoming writing projects.  I’ve never worked with a professional proofreader before, so I’ll need to know more about what services will be provided.  I don’t really understand why I may need to hire a proofreader instead of an editor, so perhaps someone can enlighten me. 

The procedure for responding to this Proofreader opportunity is almost the same as for the Beta Readers.

EMAIL ME now and tell me your:  Standard rates, description of service, and typical turn-around time. 

Better yet, take a moment to go to the “How to Join” page so you can BECOME A MEMBER and sign up as a Proofreader.  I’ll be sending an “Invitation” to proof read the book when the manuscript is complete.  The Invitation email will also contain the book’s title and word length, along with the proposed PayPal payment amount for you to accept or reject. 

Once you respond to the email and accept the offer, you’ll receive a copy of my finished fantasy/sci-fi novel.  This current W.I.P. is a story complete with mermaids and an evil research scientist. The copy will be sent to your email address as a Word Document, so you can proofread it, and track your changes.  You’ll be paid upon completion of the work, within the agreed upon timeframe.