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Author Charm Baker wants to help other self-published authors who are also trying to gain more exposure. One way is by having you join my mailing list of new, aspiring, and undiscovered authors. When you do, I’ll be sure to list your author name and the title of your book here on my website for free. I’ll be creating a showcase section for authors and books this summer, as I gear up for my own summer reading projects.

Right now, I’m trying to compile a list of those people who are serious about self-promotion and want to try different creative branding activities. To keep things really simple, all you need to do to add your name to the list of members is:


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When you become a member and your name is added to the upcoming directory of authors, you increase the odds of exposure for your author brand. You also become part of a network of authors who can relate to some of the same problems and issues that you face. It’s time to get busy and start doing more book promoting and creative branding. The author directory is currently in the making, so be sure to have your name added. 

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