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Author Charm Baker wants to help connect authors to the publishers and other industry professionals who want to list for free in this new directory. Service providers are welcome to promote your service and connect with new and undiscovered authors. Authors can list their titles and profiles, in hopes of becoming more visible.

Why List for Free?

When you become a member and add your name to the free directory, you increase your brand’s visibility just a little bit more. Many products, businesses and services have been born out of the creator’s need to find a solution to a particular problem.  That is exactly the case with Author Branding Club. It was created out of my own need for help with book promoting and author branding. 

Connect Authors

Are you a book agent seeking to connect authors to the right publishers? I’m an undiscovered author, seeking publishing industry professionals for my current work-in-progress. I want to connect, and so do others just like me. Naturally, I’m the first author to become a member of the Author Branding Club. I encourage others to do the same. As membership grows, so will this network of authors that publishing professionals can choose from.

Authors are encouraged to join now, especially, if you’re seeking a book agent, publisher, or other industry professional.

Quick and Easy Process

The current system for signing up, listing, and maintaining your membership requires very little effort on your part.  Authors and Service Providers use the same form and follow the same procedures. This also applies to members who choose to list in “OTHER Related Service Providers” ( such as Consultants, Script Writers, Ghost Writers, Book Marketers & Promoters and those who offer Publishing Related Products like writing software, etc.).

There are three simple Membership Requirements discussed on the Membership FormThey’re as easy to fulfill as ABC.  Once you join, you won’t need a “log in” or password, or anything out of the ordinary.  In fact, anyone can view the information in the directory listings (members and non-members).  After all, the whole point of the listings are for visibility. Becoming a member is a quick, and easy, user-friendly experience. 

Promote Your Service

Don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to join and list your service. The same admonition applies, whether you’re an author or a service provider. This opportunity to promote and increase your visibility could prove more beneficial than you know.

Primary Benefits of Membership:

For Service Providers – you get the ability to list your services and make them available to a targeted audience that needs them.

For Authors – you get the opportunity to share your particular WISHLIST of publishing-related wants and needs.

For both groups – you get to gain more exposure and visibility to help expand your brand.

For both groups – you get to grow your mailing list of advantageous publishing industry related contacts

Future Forecast

Things look sunny!

Please don’t allow the newness of this site and scarcity of club members right now detour you from joining. The aim is to list, promote, and help those individuals who are committed to the current club goals. Author Branding Club doesn’t need a whole lot of members; just the right members.

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