If I had to describe my current work-in-progress, I would say that it is actually a rewrite of a novel that I previously self-published and released in 2014. Experimenting With Murder was a book about mermaids that wash ashore on the island of a billionaire researcher.

Here’s an image of the cover, though the book is no longer available

This past November, instead of doing a re-write, I initially considered writing a new mermaid novel, as a pre-quel to the 2014 book.

Since I intended on entering the 2018 National Novel Writing challenge anyway, I decided that was a good time to tackle the new mermaid book.  I had so many exciting ideas for the story that it started to make my head spin, especially trying to make connections to what I’d already written.  As a result, I decided to just STOP altogether and put the project on hold.

Now that I’ve been able to take a deep breath and a little time off, I know exactly what I need to do, and how to do it. I started rewriting the original story and fixing what I believe is wrong, while enhancing on what the parts that are right.  The book has a whole lot of good elements to it, but of course, that assessment is based on my biased opinion as the author.  Unfortunately, while I’ve managed to make a little change on Amazon from month-to-month, I’ve received very little feedback (good, bad, or otherwise).

Fortunately, after having four years to think about it, and read it with fresh eyes, I see places for improvement.  The book’s weak points are obvious and glaring to me, as an author.  So now, I’m working on making it a substantially better story.  I always planned for the story to be a series, therefore I didn’t create an actual resolution at the end of Experimenting With Murder.  This rewrite will not only be an improvement to the original story, but also serve to wrap things up.  time to complete the story.  The following is the short answer to what my current W.I.P. is about.  


This story is an atmospheric fantasy adventure, involving a group of young friends.  It’s set on a beautiful lush isolated New Zealand island, but there’s nothing pretty about what’s really going on there.

Four teenagers discover their parent’s unbelievable secrets when their usual yearly visit to the island turns out to be anything but usual.  Their regular war games of survival on the island will ultimately come in handy when they stumble onto murder, mermaids, and weird research experiments.  But this time the fight to survive on Tyler Payne’s island is no longer a war game they’re playing.  If they fail to win, it could really mean their death.

The four friends find themselves on a journey of emotional development and personal growth.  The story follows them as they struggle to overcome unique challenges.  There is also a strong romantic component, besides all the bizarre events going on in their topsy-turvy world.


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I’ll be happy to supply a .PDF copy via email, since this title is no longer available to the public. As I mentioned, the book was previously self-published and put on sale at Amazon, but I later pulled the title when I decided I wanted to do a re-write.