Book Publishers Wanted

#2 Item on Charm Baker’s “Wish List” – I’m seeking to eventually acquire a book publisher, with the help of this website and network of publishing industry professionals.  I’m actively looking for representation from an agent for my current work-in-progress and any future works, but ideally, securing a publisher on my own would be awesome!

My desire is to transition into using traditional publishing as a way of helping me establish, develop, and promote my brand.  I allowed impatience to lead to prematurely releasing my last two self-published novels [“Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” andSkipping Childhood”].  I don’t want to repeat those mistakes.  Please take a moment to visit the Book Agent Wanted details so you can read about those two titles.  Perhaps you can determine if your company sees the potential in relaunching, marketing, and promoting either of these perfectly good novels. 

If you’re a book publisher seeking new titles, or you think you can help with ANY of the above existing titles of mine, simply EMAIL, even if you decide not to join the club. 

OR, if you want to discuss any of the above, AND you want to become a club member, just click and read the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS and continue on to the How to Join page.  You’ll also be able to submit details about your publishing related services so you can be listed in the Author Branding Club directory of service providers.