Book Publicists Wanted

#3 Item on Charm Baker’s “Wish List” – I’m seeking the expert advice of a good book publicist.As a self-published, undiscovered author, I’m hoping that this website and network of publishing industry professionals can help me gain visibility and exposure.  I’m actively looking for ways to get more marketing and promotion out of my advertising dollars.  While it’s a little early to focus on publicity for my current work-in-progress, I could certainly use some advice on how to get more exposure for my current titles (specifically my two novels).

Please take a moment to visit the Book Agent Wanted details, where I provide some insight on the title:  “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” because it’s a book I feel strongly about trying to promote more effectively.  There are various elements to the story that make it perfect to showcase during promotional opportunities and occasions such as:  Black History Month events, African American celebrations, black entertainment events, book club readings, and more. 

Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” is available in print, as well as on Kindle.  I actually found a local black-owned bookstore in an eclectic neighborhood, and the owner agreed to put 6 copies of the book on his shelf.  He preferred I have an Ingram Sparks account first.  After I had trouble trying to go complete the Ingram Sparks print-on-demand process by myself, I had no way for them to fill any in-store orders.  As a result, I put a pin in things and planned to revisit the issue later, but I never ended up making the time (BIG MISTAKE).  I even had a suggestion (not quite an invitation) to go to Las Vegas during their 2018 Fat Tuesday celebration.  One of the remaining original showgirls from the Moulin Rouge was actually on the program (ANOTHER MISSED OPPORTUNITY).

Even though I now realize what I could have and should have done differently, I can honestly say that I still put a lot of diligent effort into trying to publicize and promote the book.  In addition to all the online marketing and self-promotion (mostly free, but some paid), I also mailed out a number of complimentary print copies to various influencers, locally and not so local. 


My attempts to try and learn how to do everything myself was partly from lack of finances, but mostly from a need to be in control of the process.  But there comes a time to step aside and let the professionals step in and do what they do. 

2019 is a new year.  Now I’m prepared to pay the right service providers to help me tap into the potential for print book sales, along with helping to increase digital sales.   I invite you to check out the titles already mentioned and see how you can help.  You can also view my Amazon Author Page and determine which ebook titles you think might be worthy of creating a promotional campaign around.  

If you’re a book publicist seeking new clients, and you think you can help with the above titles simply EMAIL ME if you are not interested in joining the club, but you would like to discuss one or more titles. 

OR, if you want to discuss any of the above, AND you want to become a club member, just click and read the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS and continue on to the How to Join page.  You’ll also be able to submit details about your publishing related services so you can be listed in the Author Branding Club directory of service providers.