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#1 Item on Charm Baker’s “Wish List” – By creating this website and network of publishing industry professionals, I hope to ultimately acquire a book agent.  My primary objective is to obtain representation for my current work-in-progress and any future works.  I also seek professional advice on how to proceed with the marketing my last two self-published novels.  I can’t accept that my lack of patience has caused me to unknowingly sabotage the launch and release of two perfectly good novels.  Hopefully, the right book agent can advise on what to do, going forward, with regard to the following books.  In essence, I need


Relaunching previously released titles

NOVEL #1  – Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge

The historical subject matter contained in “Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge” is actually of significant value to the black community.  The landmark site of the first racially integrated casino still has a place on the Historic Registry.   Rather than just a rigid re-telling of facts and racial discrimination, my book zeros in on the black entertainment experience in 1955 Las Vegas. 

By focusing on the elegance of the former Las Vegas Moulin Rouge casino, I was able to make the venue come alive for the reader.  The entertaining scenes, characters, and dialogue helps paint a vivid and colorful picture of the era.  In an unusual and whimsical way, the story still manages to weave in many of the recorded facts and heated controversy surrounding the era and the venue.


April Mae March is a young African American writer who takes a weekend trip to Las Vegas. She’s collecting more research for the novel she’s writing about a sixty-two-year-old mystery. It’s all about the 1955 Moulin Rouge Casino and Hotel and why it closed so abruptly; under suspicious circumstances. April is dying to understand how Nevada’s first racially integrated casino could have had such a short lifespan. Armed with the facts that she has collected so far, she has her own thoughts about what may have happened. But every single piece of the puzzle just seems to lead to more and more questions.

She’s obsessed and fascinated by the true stories of mob bosses, corrupt politicians, and sleazy business owners in 1950s Nevada. The issue of black entertainers and racial integration makes it all the more intriguing. She leaves Los Angeles on a Greyhound Bus and is determined to discover some answers. April is so excited that she refuses to give in to the warning signs that indicate she might actually be in danger. In the end, her Moulin Rouge adventure turns out to be so much more than she ever could have imagined.

NOVEL #2  – Skipping Childhood

This particular title was released around a time when women and young girls everywhere were gearing up to start speaking out about sexual abuse.  I self-published it following the first NANO competition that I participated in.  The book was released in December, a few months before the #MeToo Movement.  That was just a few short years ago, so I believe “Skipping Childhood” is just as timely and relevant as when I first released it.  This dark urban drama deals with one young girls’ childhood abuse and sexual assault.  It’s a contemporary novel, set in Chicago and later on in Los Angeles California, in the early 1970’s. While mostly comprised of actual events and personal experiences, the notable cases of violence and retribution are merely symbolic. 

As the author, and also a survivor, I found my character’s murderous acts to be a justifiable method of taking back her control.  I think the book’s story of a young adolescent gradually developing into a serial killer has a lot of commercial appeal to readers.


This is the tear-jerking story about a young girl who is abandoned by her drug-addicted mother, and sent to live with foster parents. When Deandra Baxter has to fend off the sexual advances of her perverted foster father, she does it the only way she knows how; by killing him. But this isn’t the first time that the adolescent has taken a man’s life. He wasn’t the first and he wouldn’t be the last. This is the suspenseful coming of age story of a female adolescent serial killer.

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