Beta Readers Wanted

#5 Item on Charm Baker’s “Wish List” – I’m currently trying to build a list of reliable Beta Readers before I complete my current work-in-progress and I’m hoping to find no less than 5 people to read the completed manuscript.  Anyone who is interested can EMAIL ME now and make your request known (I also encourage you to BECOME A MEMBER and sign up as a Beta Reader for other authors who may need you). 

When the manuscript is complete, you’ll receive an “Invitation” to beta read the book.  The Invitation email will also contain the book’s title and word length, along with the proposed payment amount for your services (paid via PayPal).  You’ll also get a short list of book-related questions for answering when you’re done reading the manuscript. 

Once you respond to the email, you’ll receive the Advance Read Copy (ARC) of my finished fantasy/sci-fi novel.  This current W.I.P. is a story complete with mermaids and an evil research scientist. The ARC will be sent to your email address, in .PDF format, so all you need to do is read and respond in a timely manner (5-10 days). 

PLEASE NOTE:  You will only be asked to provide PRIVATE written feedback (directly to the author), by responding to a few simple questions.  This is NOT a proofreading or book review request.