Author Branding When it’s Time to Re-invent Yourself

There is much work to do, since I’ve dedicated the entire year of 2019 to trying to establish and build my author brand. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to re-invent myself.

Like mostly everything else that I’ve discovered in life, I’m learning about author branding all on my own. That’s not to say that I’m above taking advice from smarter and more accomplished writers and authors than me. I’m not. I read, watch videos, and search diligently for tips and advice. In fact, I live for discovering new and better ways to do things in life, especially things that involve being a better writer and self-published author. But even when you’re open and willing to accept help from others in your trade, some things you’ll still have to learn for yourself.

Author Branding Activities

I’m slowly but surely discovering that there are a lot of useful activities that authors can engage in, in order to help with establishing their author brand. One crucial thing I’ve learned is, before you start spending time and energy promoting your brand, you better be certain that it’s really the kind of brand you actually want to promote. For instance, I’ve written some pretty dark stuff in one of my novels (Skipping Childhood), and also in my Amazon short read (One Bad Deed).

Going forward, this is definitely not the kind of stuff I want to continue writing about on a regular basis. My latest novel (Lights Out at the Moulin Rouge) is a much lighter read; the kind I could see myself continuing to do). As far as fiction writing goes, although I definitely plan to continue along these lines, I’ve actually come to a realization about writing non-fiction. I enjoy it, just as much as writing fiction, and there’s no reason I can’t do both.

Re-inventing Yourself

Now that I’m sold on continuing as a non-fiction writer, in addition to writing fiction, I think I need to do a little re-inventing of myself. So how does an undiscovered author go about this in a logical way? How do you re-invent yourself so people don’t get confused about you and your brand? That’s the answer I’ll be looking for in the coming days. Hopefully, I can find a way to bring my writing projects and activities together in such a way, that I don’t end up making my “brand” seem too all over the place.

Self-promotion Branding

I’ve thought of some creative ways that I’ll be looking to do a little self-promotion, as part of my online branding activities. One way is to provide answers to helpful questions on my author website, especially topics related to my preferred categories, like:

The above topics are covered on my author website, in a section I call: “Ask an Author“. Be sure to pop over to the site and feel free to read some of the subjects I’ve covered so far.

New Social Media Presence

One important thing I’m doing for myself this year, as a struggling undiscovered author, is attempting to grow my social media following. To do this, as part of my re-inventing Charm campaign, I’m actually taking steps to create a new social media presence. So don’t be surprised if Twitter isn’t the only place you’ll be seeing @charmbaker and/or #charmdbaker tags. In addition to joining and posting Pins on Pinterest, I’ve also started posting to Instagram.

My reaction to the site? I absolutely love it!!! As usual, I’m the last to get on the band wagon. But I took some smart advice that I found online, and I’ve set up a cool landing page with links to all my Instagram posts. I even organized them, so don’t hesitate to visit and take a look.

If you’d like to help me improve and grow my author brand, feel free to provide comments, feedback, or simply take a moment to share this post, website, or other related Charm Baker links. And of course, buying my books and leaving Amazon reviews would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks for reading.

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