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CHARM BAKER – member is available as an Amazon Self-Publishing Consultant for hire. Visit the Member Directory, and add your name to the growing list of Authors, Book Agents, and other industry providers.

Why Hire A Consultant?

If you plan to self-publish via Amazon (KDP), you might want to hire a consultant and get some insider tips and advice. The actual process of self-publishing on Amazon is not difficult, but there are certain things to be aware of, that can have a baring on successful formatting, publishing, and listing of your new book. Hiring a consultant (at an affordable rate) can be well worth the extra expense, before deciding to go it alone.

Self-Publishing Advice 

Self-Publishing advice about Amazon’s KDP service can help prevent you from making numerous mistakes. Over the years, Amazon self-publishing has become second-nature to me as an author.

The familiarity with KDP has caused me to rely on this publishing process for all my former books. With each new title, I learned more and more about the using various Amazon publishing tools. There is still much that I don’t know, but there is also a great deal of information that I’ve discovered. This knowledge relates to the following activities and more:

  • Using Amazon Publishing Tools
  • Book Meta Data
  • KDP Pre-orders
  • KDP Select
  • Amazon Author Pages

Amazon Publishing Tools

Amazon publishing tools are specifically designed to provide a user-friendly self-publishing experience. Some of them, I’ve already mastered, and others, I plan to try, like the one designed to help get Kindle book reviews.

After releasing multiple titles on Amazon, and remaining undiscovered, I can better appreciate previous mistakes I’ve made. Take advantage of my self-publishing advice about Amazon, and you won’t make the same errors I made. As a consultant, I will candidly share both my successful and unsuccessful experiences, and help you avoid similar pitfalls. For example, some new self-published Amazon newbies don’t appreciate the need for pre-sales. The main reason is due to a sheer lack of patience.

Sometimes patience is a trait that many undiscovered authors lack, particularly self-published authors. 

Avoid Similar Mistakes

A big mistake typically made by the self-published author is the rush to see their work published.  Many of them belong to the school of “why wait when you can self-publish at the drop of a hat?”  I used to feel this way too, but now, many years and several self-published titles later, I know the answer to that question.  The reason to wait (aka: be patient) is because you don’t want to end up remaining an undiscovered author.

I finally came to understand this concept after the last novel I self-published.  I released it almost immediately, allowing very little time for pre-sales and acquiring book reviews. The premature release and rush to self-publish ended up being an unwise decision. No matter how great your story is and how good you write, patience is still a primary factor. 

Affordable Consultation

My basic consultation package consists of the following help. You will learn about Using Amazon Publishing Tools, Book Meta Data, KDP Pre-orders, KDP Select, Amazon Author Pages and more. My $35 Amazon Self-Publishing Consultation fee includes:

  • 1 Hour Verbal Consultation (Via phone or Skype)
  • Discussion of KDP self-publishing process from beginning to end (Discussion & actual live walk through of the process can be done if you’re ready to start publishing.)
  • Help creating your own simple but attractive graphic book cover

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, or you’d like to request help, simply email: and use the subject: “CONSULTATION”