Authors networking for publishing solutions is a good way to get referrals.  There are scores of undiscovered authors online, all trying to make themselves visible in some way. That applies to the countless number of good authors, as well as the just as numerous bad authors.   Good or bad, the primary problem for undiscovered authors is the same; lack of visibility. 

Undiscovered authors - get visible!

Creative Branding Activities

The Authors Branding Club website is devoted to discussing and sharing creative branding ideas with self-published authors. Do you want more exposure and visibility so you can finally stop being an undiscovered author? If you do, you have the same objective as the creator of this website. Spend some time checking out the site, and the various writing and publishing related activities that I engage in. My websites, blogs, tweets and instagrams discuss a wide variety of topics and this year I’m especially focused on promoting my books in the process, including:

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