Authors networking for publishing solutions is a good way to get referrals.  There are scores of undiscovered authors online, all trying to make themselves visible in some way. That applies to the countless number of good authors, as well as the just as numerous bad authors.   Good or bad, the primary problem for undiscovered authors is the same; lack of visibility. 

Undiscovered authors - get visible!

Author Publisher Referrals

Effective branding can often result in the kind of visibility that leads to author publisher referrals. With the right kind of author branding, readers aren’t the only ones who become fans and followers. Author branding enables publishers of your particular genre to get to know your name. Don’t hesitate to post your FREE listing here at Authors Branding Club. Even just a little more exposure and visibility could result in an undiscovered author obtaining a few publisher referrals. The possibility of discovery increases when an author’s publisher referrals are open to accepting their work.

Publishing Referral Network

As an undiscovered author, my own desire for an effective publishing referral network is the reason I created this site and club. Becoming a self-published Amazon author has been a bittersweet experience. I’m proud to have transitioned from writer to author status, however I’ve had nothing but a sense of invisibility. I now realize that a primary reason is due to my lack of proper author branding. I also understand much more clearly, the importance of utilizing professional service providers. The key is to get the help of the right publishing industry professionals in a timely manner, long before the book’s visibility becomes an issue. That’s where the new Author Branding Club comes in.




Authors Networking Together

The thought of authors networking together might sound counterproductive, as a path to publishing. But this is not necessarily the case. The publishing industry is not so competitive, that authors need to be cutthroat about sharing sources. To the contrary; swapping and sharing sources can actually prove beneficial to everyone concerned. In this new author network, not only are authors encouraged to list their details, and comment about resources, but so are publishers. In fact, anyone related to the publishing industry (traditional or self-publishing) is welcome to join.

Are you a new publishing professional with a service to provide to authors? This may prove to be a great place for you to DISCOVER NEW TALENT.

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Publishing Professionals Connection

Undiscovered authors, get ready to start making contacts when you take advantage of this publishing professionals connection. As quality publishing industry professionals begin to list on the site, authors will be able to locate reliable proofreaders, beta readers, cover designers, and other industry providers.  You can also connect with agents, editors, publishers, and publicists that choose to join the club and help authors with their brand.

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